A: I believe in the future of bitcoin and what it was created for. I also wanted to create a site where you could actually use bitcoin for what it was intended to be used for, a medium of exchange for goods or services.

I’m also tired of the greed that has crept into the bitcoin movement so I want to do something different. I want to give you, the buyer, the power to choose a price that you think is fair for the things I have for sale. And I want to give you the opportunity to help support a really cool charity along the way.

I also hope that this site can eventually help me provide for my family. Paying a fair price for my products will help me get one step closer to that dream.

A: I heard about bitcoin back in the early days but never fully investigated it. I think the main thing that was holding me back was this sort of bad rap it had in my mind as it was often associated with being used for things that were questionable. However, back in 2017 I finally decided to investigate it further and was blown away by what I learned. Let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart.

A: Yes, this is my baby. I’ve spent months and many late nights working on it since I have a day job as well. My dream would be that this site could support my family and me one day.

A: I wish. Let’s just say I’m underwater as a result of the bear market. But I do believe in what bitcoin was created for. And I built this site to give people a way to actually use it.

A: Along with the costs for domain names, web hosting, themes, plugins, email hosting, etc., the products themselves also cost me money. Let’s just say I didn’t come across all of this stuff for free. Oh, and don’t forget the amount of labor that goes into all of this.


A: With my digital products, I either pay for the rights to sell them or create them myself and, therefore, can let people choose a fair price and pay what they are worth.

Since my physical products have hard costs per item that I pay out of pocket for, I have to set a higher minimum purchase price to try to help me at least get close to breaking even with them.

A: Because I paid for the rights to sell them with USD fiat. Boo!!!

A: Again, I paid for the rights to these so I can also give some away for free if I choose to do so.


A: Payments are processed completely peer-to-peer using my BTCPay server. When you send bitcoin to my wallet address for a product, it is actually my wallet address. I don’t involve any third party payment processing companies. I only use a BTCPay node that I set up and a payment plugin which helps make it all work smoothly.

A: Yes! I actually run my very own bitcoin lightning network node. If you can send payments via the lightning network, please choose that payment option when checking out. Your transaction will be almost feeless and instantaneous.

A: With the bitcoin lightning network, payments are instantaneous. For regular bitcoin transactions that are small in value, I use 0-conf which can also make transactions pretty fast. For all others, it completely depends on the network load.

A: Obviously, with any online store there is a trust factor involved. Test out the checkout process by placing an order for some of the super cheap Make Bitcoin Fun Again items that are digital and delivered instantly.

Or place an order for some of the Free Products. The only difference between those and the “pay what it’s worth” item’s check out process is that you must choose a bitcoin price and pay it before you receive those products. If you have any problems at all, please contact me!

A: I am located in Kentucky in the United States of America.

A: Send me an email and tell me! Or just pay a fair price for some of my products with bitcoin. Regardless, I love you.


A: In order to build an e-commerce site that allows you to pay what it’s worth, I have to keep my product costs as low as possible. This means that some products are sourced locally while others are sourced globally.

For physical products sourced locally in the U.S., I utilize ground shipping methods by USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Once shipped, items typically take around a week to arrive.

For physical products sourced from global suppliers, orders are normally shipped out within 72 hours and will take approximately 2-4 weeks to arrive from shipment date depending upon where you live.

Once your product has shipped, you will be sent a tracking number so you can track your package.

Digital products are delivered instantly as soon as your payment is processed.


A: Some of my physical products have free shipping and some have hard fixed shipping costs. It all depends on what I was able to work out with the supplier.

Unfortunately, I have to charge a fixed price for shipping since I have very little control over it. If you know of a shipping company that wants to offer “pay what it’s worth” for their services then I would gladly work with them.

A: Absolutely not. Digital products are delivered right to your inbox as soon as your payment is processed.